Friday, November 20, 2009

a bug in a rug

I am as snug as a bug
in a rug in this nice sweater
looking outside the window

you are as far as a star
I am looking at
shine and bright.

i cud sense u at every inch of my skin
in the lonely cold night wind

I am as snug as a bug in a rug
no one with me here
all alone by myself

u are with other stars
and a moon u admire
up high the sky
shine and bright as always.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kau Pernah

Kau pernah
mengatakan kau cintai aku;
Kau pernah
menggembirakan hatiku
Kau pernah
melukis senyuman termanis di muka ku

Kau pernah
menghambat ku jauh dari mu
Kau pernah
buat aku x paham erti cinta mu
Kau pernah
membuat ku keliru
Kau pernah
menyeksa jiwaku

Aku berharap
kau paham kepedihan ku
aku berharap
aku x pernah mencintai mu
aku berharap
aku x akan sebegini membenci kamu

Friday, November 6, 2009

Kepenatan, Kemengantukan, Kekecewaan (part 2 and 3)

Then, I was led to the next room. A man who i dun get his name.. even so, i dun want to remember his name after the end of the day.

The standard interview will be I hand the form, then resume and copies of related certificates.. and start with "tell me about urself".
however, when i entered the room and handed him the form. he didnt asked for the resume.. so I just put it on the table, he took it but put it aside not even has a glimpse.
it wasnt like the standard interview

question 1
what u doing rite now? are u working?
thought in mind, "wow, this ps gud, skip the introduction as it's all available in the form and CV".

I responded by telling i just graduated and seeking for first job..

question 2

what are u majored in?
simple answer-- "biotechnology"

Question 3
what is biotechnology? what do u study?

we manipulate genes ... bla bla...bla bla

at this point, it was still ok

he then resumed with a point saying that the company needed sumone in food field.. fair enough but still i try to sell my profile by telling, I m equipped with food and industrial microbiology knowledge and other than that, science still science, research still research even i wasnt majored food industry.

then i comes to evil part....
i think he is rude non-ethical person by using harsh words such as 'b&*&s%^t' and 'to hell'

also, he told me that most workers are non-bumi and malay only worked in canteen and cleaners (low hierarchy)

next, he pointed about respecting people, he said that if i m hired, i will be the only malay, so how m i gonna socialize with them
--in day life, I hardly group people according to their race and belief. only when it comes to spiritual practices, drinks, food and other thing prohibited by Allah, then only I draw lines and borders and start distinguishes people from that aspect.. even so, that is not for them but for me to limit myself from participating in sumthing i shuldnt do.
other than that, i see people as people and we r the same.. i dun know why he brought up this matter if he is not such.

he also claimed that when non-malay offers a food,to show respect, i shud accept it no matter what.. i could feel the tense in the air and on my face.
he gave me no chance to answer back. whenever i opened my mouth he increasea his tones.
in disbelief of what happening, yet not to worsen what's worst (jgn lawan api dengan minyak) so in just right tone and volume i said "or i can refuse politely"
he nodded, proud that i threw a good simple point, I grinned

however, in my opinion, the halal haram has become a chaos few years back in the country, and my non-Muslim frens know very well that Muslim dun eat pork and drink alcohol.. the way of slaughting however, is a mystery to them..
therefore, they also can show respect by not offering anything suspicious to Muslim in the first place..
thank God, I have non-Muslim frens who are understanding and didnt make a big woes out of this issue.

The interview continued with some other controvercial talks and few are related to the job.

I realized that the race sensitivity is spreading throughout the country.
This post is not meant hurt anybody.. it is just my experience with those people.
Hope that Malaysians can use every potential and leave behind the differences.
And for Malays, don't always ask for advantages, but create the opportunities for ourselves..

Kepenatan, Kemengantukan, Kekecewaan (part 1)

it took me a while to write on this.
Few days ago, I went for an interview in Kota Kemuning S.alam
I cud feel the bad air in the space that morning. The journey was so tiring and felt like i m hiking a camel in hot desert.. dunno why but maybe it was the sign of the cruelity I have to face that day.
The place was so alien to me.. like it is not in S.alam or near Kl known to be the center of development.
the only skycrapper was a flat which looks old and unmanaged.. the painting so dull and old.

move on..

I walked into the office after checked in with the guard who was not a very much helper.
A girl who noticed me from far lifted her head up and nodded twice as if she was asking "yes, how can i help u?" without having her to speak it out..
because if she did, she has to speak loud as i was quite far from her and that will lead all eyes in the room fall on, i walked fast towards her, making as little noise as i can for not to distract all the people off their works.
"I came for an interview for the Technical Executive post" i told her..
i think she is nice and the smiles on her face really made me comfortable. I followed her to a small meeting room that can fit 5 people at a time. there were a guy using the computer in the room. not to be judged as busybody, I just mind my step and sat quietly there. I focussed my eyes on the floor to be as naive as possible. Until here, I was still in a good mood and in my head i was practicing answers for possible interview questions while filling the application form she gave.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

lets fight and win

Lets us unite
please dont fight
Stop being emotional
but act rational
Lets stop criticize
be strategic and precise
Planning the future us.

Dont blame on judgement,
when the only thing wrong is our satisfaction.

The small land we had,
become smaller than before,
If we dont hold it tight
we would lose them more.

The end of that land,
wait the hungry lions
thirst for our blood.

Lets together hold our hands
and feel the strength,
We fight the lions
and the dangers beyond.

Friday, October 16, 2009

mom, u r the world to me

Mak, kita anak mak ni byk dosa dengan mak.
Byk sgt kita terkasar dengan Mak, kan?
tp Mak sikit pun x dendam x benci dgn kita.
Kenapa Mak nangis tadi, alia sakit sikit je pun.
tp tu la Mak, kami kata Mak sensitif sgt, sikit2 nangis..

Mak nangis bila kami sedih, bila kami gembira pun Mak nangis.
Mak rasa gementar sama macam kami bila kami nak masuk exam.
bila kami sakit, eksiden, masuk sepital, berkaca mata Mak. padahal kami sakit sikit saja.
Mak macam rasa sakit yg kami rasa..

masa kita nak masuk Monash, kita buat keputusan sendiri ja,
kita x tya Mak pun, tp kita rasa Mak mcm x setuju..
kita bersyukur sgt, dlm x setuju Mak tu, Mak ngan Abah sanggup jugak support duit, baju dan yg paling penting sanggup jalan jauh hantaq kita daftar masuk Monash.. Mak x biar kita p sorang pun.

Mak, kita minta maaf selama ni kita jahat dengan Mak.
Sorry, love and thank you seem to be the hardest words to say to you..
Tp sebenarnya, setiap inci jasad ni, setiap langkah perjalanan kita ni, setiap denyut nadi ni, kita sayang Mak.

Mak, walaupun kita ni boleh hidup seribu tahun lg, x mungkin kita dapat balas jasa mak,
kalau pun kita mati dihidupkan semula pun, seploh kali pun, x mungkin mak
Jasa Mak, kasih sayang mak, pengorbanan masa, tenaga dan harta Mak, x mungkin kita dapat balas.

Mak, kita sayang mak..
u mean the world to me..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

no reason =)

no matter the weather outside,
be it rain or sunny,
I am definitely happy.

-i am not sure why i have this extra-ordinary happy feelings today-
thus, it bring me to the saying

"happiness is like a butterfly, the more u chase it, the more it will elude u, but, if u turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder~Henry David Thoreau

super genius

td baru tgk ulangan tayangan AC? Sempoi
jemputan Ac adalah umi aida dan dr fazley
tp x nak cerita psal mereka dua ni

yg menarik perhatian nak coret hari ni ialah pasal Adi Putra
manusia mana yg b'gelar malaysian x kenal adi putra??
kalo x kenal budak math-freak ni mmg 'katak bawah tempurung' kot
the kid has brilliant brain, he could remember 35 digits and multiply numbers at one go
sempoi kan??? plus he is only 9
when he was asked about his gift, he said "syukur, this is the gift from Allah"

menurut org tua adik Adi

si ayah kata dia dpt mimpi semasa subuh yg ke-3 selepas kelahiran adi ke dunia ni
katanya dia didatangi oleh tuan guru Hang Tuah dan diberitakan yg anak ni adalah sesuatu yg istimewa
si ibu pulak kata pengalaman melahirkan adi adalah yg paling senang sekali

kalau la saya mempunyai anak seperti adi, mau-nya terkejut beruk,
asyik pasal adi je dpt mimpi2 pelik, ni anok jin ko anak org ni??..
nasib baik mak bapak adi ni bukan saya.. hehehe

kalau saya punya kepintaran seperti adi,
wah... bestnye..
masuk universiti senang je, wat math sekelip mata je
x payah masuk sekolah dah pandai,
buku2 rekod x de merah2,
best2.. tp
mungkin juga saya x menggunakan kepintaran tu sebaiknya
mungkin saya akan jadi bongkak dan lupa asal kejadian

ini mengingatkan kita ujian dan bala Allah tu dtg dlm pelbagai bentuk
kaya dan miskin juga ujian
dan juga pandai dan bodoh
sihat dan sakit, jgn ingat bencana tsunami saja ujian atau bala
kita hidup di Malaysia, aman tenteram terlindung dr gempa bumi dan tsunami juga adalah ujian Allah
oleh itu sentiasa mengingati-Nya adalah tanggungjawab kita sebagai hamba

saya harap Adi akan cemerlang dan jd cendiakawan Islam yg hebat mengalahkan yg kufur
dan harapan agar kita semua berada dlm limpah kurniaan-Nya

p/s -> tgk Adi demonstrated multiplication of 11 digits number without the use of calculator mmg waalllaaa la..
--> and ingatkan after trillion tu dah x yah sebut -lion2 dah.. ingatkan dah infiniti.. haha
---? sebak juga bila teringatkan geniuses Malaysia lepas2

Saturday, October 10, 2009

seriously,. pertama kali

tgk kwn2 ada blog, saya pun nak terhegeh2 ada blog
dah lama tersimpan hasrat, tp x kesampaian je, sbb malas dan buat2 malas..
ni dah x de keje nak la penuhkan hasrat tu
anyway, buat blog ni adalah salah satu hasrat saya sebelum capai umur 25..
x nak expect lebih2, sbb takut ni jd projek gajah puteh lak
tp harapan agar blog ni x kan melukakan hati sesapa, xkan mengeruhkan keadaan politik di malaysia mahupun negara lain termasuk politik kg. pisang..

so.. x nak ckp panjang,
nnt otak berpusing laju, jari ligat menulis, saya post entry lain okeyh..

~jom ingat Allah~

pertama kali

hari ni saya pakai baju yg awak bg,
dan saya hepii... too bad u cant c me wearing that shirt bcoz u r far far away